/Would you buy a HP PC now?

Would you buy a HP PC now?

The announcement from HP last week, that it has “…authorized the exploration of strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group.” – (which in business speak means – we’re thinking about selling it) created shock in the industry and sent HPs shares free-falling to a six year low.

Of the potential suitors in the industry, Samsung, who were consider the most likely candidates for a purchase have already publicly admitted they are not interested – Twice in Fact!

HP is trying to make assurances to customers that it is safe to buy a HP PC at the moment, they are quoted as saying, ” … whatever structure we ultimately take, we plan to continue delivering innovative products and stand by you.”

I’m sure they were singing a similar tune several weeks ago when they Launched the HP Touchpad? And now they have not only cancelled the Touchpad but have announced that they are discontinuing operations of all their WebOS devices!

So the question remains – Would you be willing to buy a HP PC at the moment? I would if they started selling them for $99 ;-), otherwise I’d be looking elsewhere!