/Windows 10 – Microsoft ‘Starts’ Again.

Windows 10 – Microsoft ‘Starts’ Again.

Windows 9……errrrrr…… 10

Microsoft made a, very early, preview of Windows 10 (yes they are skipping version 9) available earlier this week and I’ve been using it on a couple of machines to try out all the changes and new features.
To cut a long, technical, boring story short………it’s great !

Now I should point out that I’m one of the few people who didn’t mind Windows 8, but I completely understand why most people hated it! It was a very jarring experience and not at all user friendly. The update to Windows 8.1 made some dramatic improvements but didn’t do enough to please all the ‘haters’.

I’m happy to report that, from what I’ve seen so far, Windows 10 is going to fix all that and more!


It’s Back

CaptureThe start button is back, but this time it’s bigger and better. You can pin ‘Modern’ apps to the start menu and they will update in real-time (just like they do on with Windows 8 Start Screen), but the previous ‘All Programs’ type navigation is back too.

There are lot and lots of other improvements, all of which will help convince users to upgrade to the latest version, but as it’s probably not going to be available until late next year, I won’t bother detailing them all here, right now.

But so far, things are looking promising. I’m really liking this ‘re-imagined’ Microsoft under it’s new leader Satya Nadella. Long may it continue!