/Which iPad 3G or wi-fi only?

Which iPad 3G or wi-fi only?

While on a business trip to Calgary recently, I finally gave in to temptation and picked up an Apple iPad!

Of course the obvious question is which one did I buy? The Wi-Fi only version or the more expensive one with 3G?
Believe me I deliberated long and hard over which one to pick up and quite honestly my decision may have changed if the store hadn’t had the one I wanted! 🙂 But as luck would have it, there were a few models in stock so I was able to take my pick.

Now here is my reasoning:

1) The iPad is quite an expensive piece of kit

2) Everything I want to put on my iPad is going to cost me money; Books, Apps, Music, Videos.

3) I already pay for data access on my iPhone so I’m a little loathed to add yet more charges to my data plan (Rogers in Canada charge $35 a month for 5GB – the $15 for 250MB is, frankly, useless in my opinion)

4) The 3G version is $130 more expensive  that wi-fi only

5) If I’m desperate for data access while on the road – I ALWAYS have my iPhone with me anyway!

So, if you haven’t guessed already, I decided to go for the wi-fi only 32GB model. Of course I also bought a dock (I have an Apple bluetooth keyboard already) and a case! So with my wallet significantly lighter I hurried back to the hotel to test it out!

So what do I think so far? Well I’ll follow that up with a post in the next few days – but Honestly I LUURRRVVVV it!
(BUT – I have to try really hard to forget how much I paid for it and how many Netbooks or other pieces of equipment I could have bought instead!)