/VPN and Remote Desktop on an iPad Pro

VPN and Remote Desktop on an iPad Pro

A ‘Real’ challenge at last

So the other morning I got a call from one of my clients to say that the  new virtual machines I had requested were ready and I could go ahead and setup the server software on them.
This should be interesting I thought, because today I’m using an iPad Pro 12.9 instead of my normal Surface Pro 4;

First challenge…….connect to the client’s VPN
Actually this turned out to be much easier that I thought,. Cisco make a version of their Anyconnect VPN client for iOS which I downloaded, configured and used to successfully connect to my client’s network. Hoorah !
(That was easy)

Cisco AnyConnect by Cisco Systems, Inc.


Second Challenge….connect to remote servers
Again this one wasn’t too difficult either. Microsoft make a Remote Desktop app, which isn’t quite as fully functional as the version I normally use on a Windows machine, but it was easy enough to setup and use and was actually quite productive albeit not quite as ‘organized’ as I normally like it.

Microsoft Remote Desktop by Microsoft Corporation


Third challenge………screenshot the server setup
Normally during a server setup like this I like to capture what I’m doing and document it for my client. I normally use the snipping tool in Windows to capture the remote screen of the server I’m working on and then I paste the captures into Word. Well I couldn’t find a way to capture just a part of the screen using iOS and I also couldn’t use split screen between Word and Remote Desktop because it would appear that the Remote Desktop App from Microsoft doesn’t support this yet.
So what I had to do was capture the whole screen using iPad screen capture (power + Home button) then crop the image when inserting The image into Word.
I had thought this was going to be terribly time consuming and not at all productive but it actually turned out to take around the same amount of time as my normal method.