/Unlocked Lumia 640 LTE available at Newegg for $101

Unlocked Lumia 640 LTE available at Newegg for $101

newegg.ca currently has the unlocked Lumia 640 LTE available at 66% discount. Now down to $101 CAD.
This is a pretty sweet deal for a brand new, unlocked, LTE Phone. It also upgradable to Windows 10 Mobile.

It’ll work on the major carriers in Canada too !


So, if like one of my close friends [cough] TED [cough] you have recently broken your galaxy S7 edge and are in need of a cheap new phone, or you are just Windows 10 Mobile curious 🙂 you could do a lot worse than pick up this this little guy.

I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity for the newer Lumia 650 to come back into stock at the Microsoft store, but as it looks like that may never happen and this one is half the price, I’ve gone ahead and ordered one for myself !


Now all I have to do is pick a Mozo case for it: