/The next version of Windows is………10

The next version of Windows is………10

Meet the new Windows…same as the old Windows!

Today Microsoft gave us a very early look at the next version of Windows. The biggest shock, however, turned out to be the Name ! Instead of predictably naming it Windows 9 after the current version 8, Microsoft have instead decided to call it Windows 10.
I guess the implication is that this is a major improvement over the current version and thus required a numbering jump to indicate the improvement.

As far as announced improvements go: nothing surprising was demonstrated, but that was to be expected as this was only a very early preview aimed at tech press and enterprise customers. The main, consumer, unveiling won’t take place until some time in 2015.

Instead I think this event was meant to re-assure Enterprise and Business customers, that Microsoft HAS been listening to their concerns about Windows 8 and that  Windows 10 will address those concerns and provide a valuable reason to upgrade.

* Microsoft also confirmed that the next version of Windows Phone will also be version 10.

Here are some of the features they showed off today:

A public preview of Windows 10 will be available to download tomorrow from here : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-coming-soon