/Surface Pen Eraser Not working

Surface Pen Eraser Not working

I picked up a replacement Surface Pen recently (Surface Pro 4 Pen) from my local Best Buy – to replace the aging one on my Surface Pro 3.


But try as I might I couldn’t get the eraser feature to work properly. I even enlisted the help of ‘Surface Support’ who ran a whole bunch of tests and reinstalls but all to no avail.

Surface Pen eraser not working……….the fix.

As I’ve spent so blooming long troubleshooting this issue, I figured I’d share some of my findings in case it helps anyway else.

I’ll cut straight to the chase – in the end I figured out that the pen was faulty. But it took me about 5 hours of troubleshooting to confirm that.

Basically, once the pen is paired via Bluetooth to your surface pro,


if you turn it upside down (i.e. using the eraser end) then you should see a pointer on the screen – in the same way you do if you use the normal end – if you don’t see that pointer then the pen is broken and no amount of troubleshooting will fix it.

normal nib pointer
normal use, notice the small white dot pointer


Eraser end should also have a white dot pointer on the screen – note this won’t appear if you haven’t paired the device in the Bluetooth settings.

So, if you’ve paired the pen and the magic button is working, i.e. a single click launches OneNote, BUT the small white pointer is NOT showing….then your pen is broken and you need a replacement.

If you DO see the pointer but it’s just the eraser feature that’s not working – then it’s more likely a driver issue and the pen hardware is working fine. Checkout the ‘surface’ app or the pen settings in control panel / OneNote to resolve the eraser issue.



Good luck.