/Something for the weekend? Try iOS Game Spellspire

Something for the weekend? Try iOS Game Spellspire

Once again the weekend is upon us……..yea !

If you have access to an iOS device and you have some time to kill, why not check out this weeks ‘something for weekend’ game.

Spellspire (iOS) by 10tons is a free game that combines word challenge and role playing game into one. You play a little wizard character who must spell out words from random letters on the screen to defeat the monsters. As is common these days, there are in-app purchases available that can help you live longer or advance quicker. I’m not a fan of this kind of in-game currency – I’d prefer to just pay for the app once but it’s an increasingly common strategy by game developers and difficult to avoid nowadays. That said I haven’t spent any real money yet and I’ve been able to enjoy a few hours of fun gameplay.

Here’s a quick vid showing the game in action.

If you do get it…..let us know what you think.