/Solved : Surface Pro Microphone Background Noise

Solved : Surface Pro Microphone Background Noise

I Have no idea when this started, but today I needed to use Skype on my Surface Pro and I didn’t have my USB headset.

“No problem”

I thought, the built-in Mic on the Surface Pro is pretty awesome anyway.
However, when I tested it, there was terrible background noise and hiss. I tried all the settings I could find but I couldn’t improve it. Again I thought:

“No Problem, I’ll just use my phone earbuds:

they have a built-in mic.
But, again, I was confronted with terrible hiss and static.
I could slightly improve things by reducing volumes and mic boost – but not to an acceptable level.

I know darn well that this hasn’t always been a problem on my Surface Pro and I was pretty confident it wasn’t a fault with the Surface itself.
Some  Google …..uuh I mean Bing searches showed that others were having similar issues.

Anyway I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice to say the resolution is to install the latest Realtek drivers for ‘High Definition Audio’ and then to enable the ‘Noise Suppression” and /or “Acoustic Echo Cancellation” enhancements that these new drivers provide. At some point, Microsoft’s own drivers must have removed these features.

You get can the latest Realtek Audio Drivers for Surface Pro, here

Once installed you will have crisp, static free sound on your Surface Pro Mic.