/SEO – No tricks, just write interesting content!

SEO – No tricks, just write interesting content!

A few months back we had a discussion with an existing client about Search Engine Optimization. It turns out they had read all kinds of information on the web about how to boost their Google search results and wanted us assist them.

Whilst I am quite knowledgeable about the subject I wouldn’t consider my an ‘expert’ in this field. However it appears to me that if you have ‘interesting’ content on your website then people will come and read it!

So rather than embarking on some magical journey to ‘tweak’ your search engine results or collaborating with hundreds of other people in some kind of ‘link building’ scheme – You would do something totally absurd and write about interesting things!

As it happens that was our suggestion to our Law Costs Draftsmen clients. So we helped them to establish a Blog and built-in into their existing website. Not a particularly interesting ro technical solution I know – but it now, few months later, it would appear to have paid off – According to a recent post on their Legal Costs Blog they have a regular readership of over 12,000 a month!

Perhaps I should ask if I can advertise on their site now? Ha! 😉