/OS X Server Cannot save changes to DNS

OS X Server Cannot save changes to DNS

You may have read my other post about the mess I got into when trying to change the hostname on my OS X Server.

Well after I finally managed to resolve the name changing and managed to log into Server Admin – I was surprised to find I could not make any changed to my DNS zone. It kept complaining about the reverse DNS zone. I tried removing it but after clicking save it would always return! Complaining that I did not have a name server listed for zone.

I tried all the usual things:

stop dns, remove entries, then restart but nothing would get rid of this darn zone.

I even un-installed DNS service and then re-installed it but it made no difference.

I was able to remove the primary zone, but that left ‘billy no mates’ AKA my reverse DNS zone sitting there taunting me!

I have discovered that if your DNS config is corrupted or messed up in some way then the utility in Server Admin will not behave. There doesn’t seem to be any easy to fix this, but this is what I did:

I edited the


file (WHICH IT EXPLICITY TELLS YOU NOT TO DO), I removed the entries relating to my reverse lookup zone, saved changes and then launched DNS again – I’m happy to report that it was now empty – which meant was able to setup everything up again properly. I created my primary zone, added the a record for my dns server (which is also my server) and the reverse entry created itself!

Phew! Lesson learnt – Next time rename the windows server and leave OS X Alone!