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New Nexus Devices

New Devices

Google Announced their new lineup of Nexus devices last week. Available soon will be a new Phone (Nexus 6), a new tablet (Nexus 9) and a new media device (Nexus Player).

Not as tempting as before

In the past Nexus devices were intended for Android developers and, as such, they were very competitively priced. However this year, the devices are priced similar to competing devices. So they may not be as popular this time around.

Nexus devices also feature a ‘pure’ Android experience as they come directly from the source i.e. Google. Devices from other suppliers like Samsung or HTC, take the code from Google but then customize the Android software, sometimes, significantly. That’s how Samsung provides multi-window features, or HTC provides ‘Sense’. But it’s also why new features take time to reach those devices. Whereas Nexus devices, typically, get them almost immediately.


Nexus 6 Phone
Starting at $749 for 32Gb version.
Availability ‘later this year’ via Telus
More Nexus 6 Information here

Nexus 9 Tablet
Starts at $429 for 16Gb version
More Nexus 9 information here

Nexus Player
More Nexus Player information here



For me the pricing is a big issue, it was one of the main reasons to buy a Nexus device. Although the Nexus 5 will continue to be available, it’s an older device and is not really competing with the latest flagship phones. The Nexus 6, on the other hand, is the same price as Samsung’s latest Note 4. I’m not sure which phone I would pick at that price, they both have pros and cons.