/Microsoft’s smartwatch / wearable due in coming weeks ?

Microsoft’s smartwatch / wearable due in coming weeks ?

News is leaking out that Microsoft’s entry into smartwatch / wearables catgory is due imminently.

smartwatchIt’s likely that Microsoft has taken a fitness band design over an outright Smartwatch style. But the most interesting feature is likely to be it cross-platform support. Microsoft is making efforts to ensure it’s software and applications are available on all Platforms not just Windows. So this will make the device one of the first to support all 3 popular mobile platforms (Windows Phone, Android and IOS).

Google’s ‘Android Wear’ smartwatch devices only run on Android, Apple’s Smartwatch (not available until some time early next year) will only run on Apple devices so Microsoft has a real opportunity here to gain some traction.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first attempt at a smartwatch. They released the Timex DataLink watch back in 1996 and later released the Spot Watch in 2004. However like many Microsoft products, they were a bit before their time and the technology wasn’t really ready!

220px-Timex_Datalink_Model_150 spotwatch

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this attempt is more successful, Microsoft could do with a break for their hardware products !