/Microsoft wordflow keyboard now in closed beta 

Microsoft wordflow keyboard now in closed beta 


Microsoft’s wordflow keyboard is one of the more successful things to come out of windows phone. As a recovering Windows phone user I can confirm that the keyboard was excellent. It works similar to keyboards like swiftkey (who Microsoft recently purchased by the way) where you simply ‘swipe’ over the letters to form words rather than ‘typing’ them out by pressing each one individually.

Well now it appears that Microsoft is bringing the Windows Phone keyboard (with some enhancements) to the iPhone.
I do wonder ‘why’ though? If Microsoft purchased Swiftkey (which already has similar functionality) why not combine the features into a single ‘Microsoft Keyboard’ app? Instead of complicating things and releasing two competing products?
Oh well I guess this is why I’m not a decision maker in Redmond 😉

The silent video below shows how it works.

Alas I no longer have an iPhone that I could test it on….so I’ll guess I’ll have to wait for the, inevitable, Android version.

Here’s a slightly more upbeat video courtesy of  MSPowerUser