/Microsoft – the next GM?

Microsoft – the next GM?

Hey all!
The latest, all-singing, all-dancing version of windows is on the way! Forget all your computer worries – Windows 7 will cure them all! It’s the answer to all your computer woes and will make the world, the universe, ney EVERYTHING perfect!

The only problem is – I’m not sure which version to buy. I’m lost trying to figure out just how many versions they are going to release! Apparently there is going to be lite version for netbooks, a home version of ‘bigger’ laptops, a home ultimate edition etc. etc. etc.

I’m sure the business idea behind this multi-product lineup is ‘up selling’! Every time a user realizes they need a new feature that they don’t have in the current cut down version, Microsoft thinks they are going to go out and buy the next upgrade for Windows!
Now I see two problems with this! Number 1 (I don’t know about you) but I think that’s going to P!$$ off a significant number of users!
Secondly has Microsoft missed the boat here? But it seems to me that users want simplicity, that’s why Netbooks have taken off in huge numbers. Most people are happy to sacrifice a smaller screen and less power for a cheap PC. People have realized that they don’t the ‘all-singing’, ‘all-dancing’ Laptop or PC that the manufacturers are trying to sell us.

But NO! Microsoft wants to try and flood the market with the slightly different versions of the same thing. Now I can think of another company that tried that recently. They were a north American company with a monopoly market. But the consumers caught on. They realized the product was not as good as the competition and that much of it was simply rebadged or repackaged. That company was GM!

In my opinion what’s going to happen is when people realize they have been ‘stiffed’ with crappy cut down version of Windows – they won’t immediately run out and buy an upgrade – they will turn to FREE fully featured operating systems like Linux instead or turn to Piracy – downloading dodgy copies of windows 7 in an attempt to get the features they want and need and should have ha from the beginning!

I believe that one of the reasons Vista failed was this stupid 101 choices problem. The IT industry is famous for it’s K.I.S.S. saying so why is Microsoft going against it? XP is, relatively, simple for consumers – Home or Professional that’s why it’s still popular!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not some sandal wearing anti-Microsoft weirdo – but I fear that if Microsoft don’t get their act together soon – they are going to turn into next ‘Big Blue’ and some small outfit from Albuquerque will be telling stories to our children about how they ‘got one over’ on the mighty Microsoft.