/Microsoft office on an iPad Pro

Microsoft office on an iPad Pro

Continuing my ‘iPad Pro 12.9 diary’ series of blog posts and whether this device truly can replace my laptop. Today’s post is all about Office or more specifically Office for mobile apps on the iPad pro.

Office 365

word_mobileI’m a Microsoft guy, working with Microsoft products is my day job, that’s how I earn my living. So Office is one of the critical applications I use everyday. I’m not a writer like a journalist, but I do need to create lengthy documents for clients so Word is the tool of choice for me. I don’t necessarily require all the fancy functions available, but I need the compatibility so I can send documents back and forth and the basic formatting tools.

I don’t do a lot with Excel, but I do use it manipulate data. Typically csv data files from Powershell or some other program will need formatting and Excel is my tool of choice.

Powerpoint is another one of the apps in my toolbox and although there are alternatives I’m sticking with what I know and so Powerpoint is a must too.

Lastly I use Outlook, and Outlook on IOS is a great! It probably the best email client available on mobile platforms

outlook for iosOutlook is a free app for IOS, but the mobile versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint all require an Office 365 subscription (at least if you want the ability to edit your documents it does).
This is an important distinction between the iPad Pro 9.7 and it’s big brother the 12.9.
Office on iPad Pro 9.7 is free because Microsoft licensing rules allow that devices under 10 inches can have a copy at no charge (even Microsoft doesn’t think a devices under 10″ are laptop replacements) 😉
So, because, the iPad Pro is 12.9″ and is obviously bigger than the allowed 10″ it’s not entitled to a free copy of Office mobile – thus if you don’t already have a subscription to Office 365, you’d better get your wallet out and commit another $65 to $99 annually to your already expensive iPad Pro ! (Unless you don’t need Word, Excel or PowerPoint in your ‘professional’ life).

Despite a few minor interface issues, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook on iPad Pro have performed rather well today. Better then I expected anyway….it’s not perfectand if you are a hardcore writer or Excel user, they won’t replace the desktop versions. But for casual users they work ! Well done Microsoft.