/Microsoft offering some OneDrive users free Office 365 subscriptions

Microsoft offering some OneDrive users free Office 365 subscriptions

You may recall that OneDrive announced some major changes to their free storage tiers a few months back.

Essentially the free amount of storage is changing from 15GB to 5GB. Presumably in an attempt to ‘persuade’ users to purchase an O365 subscription instead (which comes with 1TB of free storage).

Well you may also recall that there was a significant outcry from the existing OneDrive customer base, so Microsoft made some allowances for existing users – they allowed an opt-in program for existing users to keep their 15GB storage option.

It appears that some of these changes are starting to take affect now and email are being received  about the storage changes by some customers. Indeed I received an email from OneDrive myself  yesterday but in a surprise move Microsoft is offering some customers a free Office 365 Personal account for 1 year.

Free O365 account







Let us know if you got an email and what they have offered you.