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Microsoft Garage

Microsoft is doing what ?

Part of the ‘new’ Microsoft strategy is to be more open to their customers. Listening to feedback, earlier access to previews and cross-platform support are some of these new ‘openness’ changes.

But recently Microsoft unveiled yet another first…Their Garage.

This is the name their give to their ‘idea factory’…….a place where Microsoft employees are encouraged to work on their own ideas outside of their normal work responsibilities and management.
Some of these ideas will be turned into Apps, some will be incorporated into existing products and others will be purely for fun.

Read about Microsoft Garage on their website

Well Microsoft opened up some of the software Applications to the public today…and surprise, surprise they are not all Windows based !

Cool !

Torque – Powered by Bing
This is an app for Android Wear, that brings up a Cortana style voice assistant with a flick of your wrist.

Tetra Lockscreen
An advanced lockscreen for Windows Phone

Next Lock Screen
An Advance Android Lock screen

and lots more.

We’ll bring reviews as soon as they hit the Canadian App stores.