/Mac Server SMB / PDC – XP Clients can’t change password

Mac Server SMB / PDC – XP Clients can’t change password

Here’s the scenario :

Mac Mini Server acting as PDC :

Can join windows XP Clients to domain,

Can login,

Can use roaming profiles,


XP Clients CANNOT change passwords.

Get message :

“Cannot change password because domain xxxxxxxx cannot be contacted”

SMB shares are functioning fine, and all types of authentication are enabled in both SMB and OD.


In the SMB Password Server Error Log ; I can see :

MSCHAPCHANGEPASS: Invalid encoding 1


Contacted Apple – they suggest “this function might not be supported with the current version of SMB”! GREAT!



I’ve enabled SSL and on the home website on Snow Leopard server – I have enabled the change password feature – so they can change their passwords from there – but it’s not an acceptable solution.



Will keep you all posted.