/Lumia 830 demo units showing up at Rogers, Canada

Lumia 830 demo units showing up at Rogers, Canada

Affordable Flagship?

Nokia’s latest Windows Phone, the Lumia 830, was rumored to be arriving in Canada soon. According to a reader at wpcentral.com, demo units are now on display in some Rogers stores.

Nokia was advertising the phone as the ‘affordable flagship’ meaning a phone with high-end specifications but at an affordable price. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate as the specs are lower than the current crop of high-end phones, but they do seem pretty decent and Windows Phone has always performed excellently on any hardware.
We are expecting a 2-year contract price of $100 or less and an off-contract price of around $500.

Windows phone has made dramatic improvements since version 8.1 and IMHO is now capable of competing with iPhone and Android devices in all aspects except number and availability of Apps.

Whether this phone will change Nokia’s fortunes in Canada remains to be seen, but if nothing else the device does look intriguing and Nokia devices have always been incredibly well made and attractively designed.

As soon as I can get my hands on one, I’ll post up a review.