/Lumia 650 first look

Lumia 650 first look

I finally got my hands on the Lumia 650 today. I wasn’t quick enough to grab one when the initial pre-orders opened in Canada a few months back and since then they’ve been out of stock.

lumia 650 box

Unfortunately the only place you can buy a Microsoft Mobile device in Canada is directly from Microsoft as none of our carriers sell them – so I’ve been patiently awaiting them to be re-stocked so I could get one.
Last week I noticed they had a few available so quickly hit the ‘order’ button.

For $199 CAD I’ve got a Black, unlocked, Dual-Sim 650. It supports the major bands so can be used on any carrier in Canada including Wind. I’ll be using it on Fido / Rogers for the next few weeks as I review it.

I’ll post an unboxing shortly (for those people that like that kind of thing) and a review will follow in the near future.

In the meantime, here is a sway with a few more images of the device.