/Just where are you supposed to put your Trackpad?

Just where are you supposed to put your Trackpad?

OK, I admit it. I’m stupid! I don’t know how to use a trackpad!

Let me explain: I’m really enjoying Lion and I’ve even got used to the reverse scrolling concept. The problem is my magic mouse.
Don’t get me wrong the Magic mouse is a really great mouse (well it’s useless for changing weapons in a third-person shooter, but that’s not the point), the fact is it’s well balanced, comfortable to use and the touch-sensitive top makes it very easy to swipe and scroll and click. But it’s beginning to show it limitations in Lion with all those new gestures. The problem is that the surface is just too small for all those new genstures and it seems to be getting confused, sometimes a swipe turns into a zoom or a right-click turns into a back etc.

So I decided to dust off my Magic Trackpad – it seems to me that the new Lion gestures are just what’s it made for. Whether it’s 4-finger swoops or 3-finger swipes, pinching, poking blah, blah blah the Magic Trackpad is the obvious choice…..or is it?

On my Macbook Air it all makes sense – the pad is in the obvious spot, (below my keyboard) and it’s a delight to use, as is the excellent keyboard. But on my iMac, I just cant seem to figure out where to put the darn thing!

I’m a ‘righty’ so I, initially, put it where my mouse used to go – above and to the right of my keyboard,
but I’m finding it difficult to control up there, especially if I’m trying to do something more precise like
graphics work – plus the ‘click’ is more sensitive on the bottom of the trackpad than it is on the
top (where it needs small herd of elephants to jump and down on it just to click properly).
So I find using it one-handed like a mouse is not ideal.




Ahhh, Haaa I thought – I should put it below the keyboard like a laptop, there I can
use two handed control which is much more precise – but because it’s not flat with
the surface, it gets in the way of me typing !!






So I thought I’d throw it out there to my fellow trackpad loving, Apple users and ask : “Where do you use your Magic Trackpad?”