/Itunes Wi-Fi sync not working – Fixed!

Itunes Wi-Fi sync not working – Fixed!

Hello Everyone

As I’m sure you all know – IOS 5 came out recently and amongst the many improvement and new features was wi-fi syncing with iTunes.

The idea is simple – instead of having to plug in your IOS devices to your iTunes computer to sync – you can set it up so that all syncing is done wirelessly. Whenever your IOS device is plugged into power (say into a dock or music speaker system) – it will initiate an iTunes sync over the wireless network.

You can also force a sync via Settings -> general -> iTunes Wi-Fi sync














The Problem

As great as -Wi-Fi sync is – I’ve been experiencing an issue getting my iPhone 4S to sync wirelessly.


 I’ve checked all the right buttons:

and I know they are correct because my iPad is synching correctly.


The problem is that when if I connect my iPhone via cable it shows up in tunes and syncs properly but as soon as I unplug it, it disappears from iTunes immediately and will not show up even when I force a sync.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to resolve this issue by restarting the phone, disabling wi-fi sync and re-enabling it blah, blah but nothing seemed to work.


The Solution

I finally got things to work properly by following this procedure:


1) Turned off ethernet connection on my iMac

2) Ensured iPhone and iMac were connected to SAME wifi network (I have a couple of different wi-fi connections available)

3) Restarted my Airport router

4) Restarted iPhone

5) Restarted Imac


Now both my iPad and iPhone appear in iTunes wirelessly and can sync as intended.


I have also re-enabled my Ethernet connection on iMac and it that has not broken anything.



I never thought I’d have to say ‘Have you tried rebooting it’ for a mac device!