/iPhone 6 vs Lumia 1520……cameras

iPhone 6 vs Lumia 1520……cameras

I’ve been continuing my testing of the iPhone 6, purchased at Halifax Apple store. Today I’ve been out and about, snapping some random pictures for comparison.

Now I’m no photographer, so I left everything on automatic because I have no idea what ISOs or White Balance or shutter speed do ! If I did I suspect I’d be using a ‘real’ camera and not a smartphone. Having said that, when i do take a picture I, obviously, want the best one I can get.

In order to see the images in full quality, I’ve shared them on my Flickr page. You can check them out here:

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5 vs Lumia 1520

The interesting thing about this sample photo shoot is the lack of significant difference between them. I had expected the Lumia 1520 (which has a 20 Megapixel camera vs the 8 in the iPhones) to be considerably better. I had also expected the iPhone 6 to be better than the iPhone 5.
With my untrained eyes, they all look look good enough to me !
Where the Lumia does perform though is in zoom. With the Lumia, you simply take a picture as normal (without manually zooming in before taking the shot) and then you can zoom afterwards. It’s quite incredible how far you can actually zoom into a photo for detail. This is a feature you will appreciate more and more as you use it and it’s the only smartphone that I’m aware of that can offer this feature.

In short, after my un-scientific, random photo test I call it a draw. The iPhone 6 focus is incredibly fast which helps to quickly snap a shot, but the Lumia’s ability to zoom in after taking the picture is amazing.

I think anybody buying  one of these smartphones would be more than happy with the quality of the photos.