/Invitations going into wrong calendar iCal

Invitations going into wrong calendar iCal

Anthony here again

Clicking on invitations in Mail was creating an appointment in my ‘Home’ calendar in iCal – the problem is I don’t want it in there – I want to go into my iCal server calendar which is actually my Google Apps calendar – the benefit of doing that is that all my other devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows systems etc.) will synchronise with it.

Well I discovered that iCal adds invitations to the first calendar it finds rather than prompting you, and because it’s an invitation (not a self created appointment) you can’t edit it and move it to another calendar – Arggggghhhhhhh!

For me the solution was to delete all the local calendars ‘Work’ and ‘Home’ as I don’t use them anyway – that just leaves me the Google Apps Calendar, so now when opening an invitation it goes to the correct place and sync successfully.

Of course that may not work for everyone if you need more than one – so the only other solution I’ve discovered is to drag the invitation from mail and drop it on the relevant calendar in iCal. Not a great solution I know but it works!

Hope this helps someone!