/Improve Bing.com with Cortana

Improve Bing.com with Cortana

If you are Windows Phone 8.1 User, you are probably already enjoying the benefits of Cortana.

But did you know you can also benefit from that data on your bing.com experience?

No? Neither did I !

This is an example of the bing.com homepage I’m used to seeing.







as you can see I AM signed in but I have no personalization.

As confirmed by my settings pages (missing Personalization)









but….after changing my worldwide settings to United States – English











Viola ! Look at my BING.COM page now:







Notice the extra information at the top near the settings and again at the bottom.


The Settings Pages have increased in options too:











Note the new Personalization tab and options.


Hope you found this useful. Let me know how your experience is with Bing.com and Cortana.