/Have hackers published your confidential passwords on the internet?

Have hackers published your confidential passwords on the internet?

Before I start – Let me say, you should change all your passwords regularly anyway – especially on important sites like your bank.
Remember to make it secure (‘123456 ‘or ‘letmein’ are not secure passwords!).

If you are ever in doubt about your password privacy – change it immediately.

OK Rant over – onto the post:


Personal Information Stolen

As you may or may not know, there have a been large number of high-profile hacks against large companies recently, not only have the security systems of companies like Sony been breached, but these same hackers have also managed bypass security on Government agencies including the FBI.

That’s bad enough, but now they are posting the information that they gathered, including email addresses, passwords and personal information on the internet for all to see!


Is you information on the internet?

An Australian IT consultant has put together a website that check the databases that have been posted online and tells you if your email address / passwords have been compromised.

Visit www.shouldichangemypassword.com to check if your information has been hacked.