/Go big…..or go home

Go big…..or go home

Today I returned the iPad Pro 9.7″.  Despite being, probably, the best all-round iPad I’ve ever used; the screen is excellent, the speakers are superb, the camera is amazing (even though no sane person should ever be seen taking photos with a tablet in public), it’s very well built and the performance is zippy……the problem for me is the price. I just can’t justify the cost of this machine if I’m only going to use it as a regular iPad. Remember that ‘up here’ in Canada the baby pro starts at $799, but you have to add on the pencil ($129) and a keyboard (Apple Smart Cover keyboard is $199). So all in it was $1127 + Taxes. Which is a premium price for sure and not exactly an impulse buy!

I really liked the keyboard (it’s far more usable than I imagined it would be) and I can see the benefits of the Apple Pencil even though I’m not an artist. So for me the choice was either pick up a regular iPad and save myself somewhere between $600 or more (depending on which model I choose) or go all-in on the pro features and pick up the 12.9 iPad Pro.

So here I sit, in front of a new 128Gb iPad Pro 12.9″ in space grey. I’ve only just unpacked it so I’m not yet decided if I made the right choice. Right now I still have to get used the size of the thing 🙂

I’ll let you in a day or two..

Here is the iPad pro 12.9 sitting next to an iPad mini