/Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Overlay Detected

Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Overlay Detected

Arrrggghhhhh !!! This issue has been driving me nuts for days.

When trying to use an App on my S7 Edge it will tell me the app doesn’t have the necessary permissions and gives me the option to open the settings and change the permission. BUT when I try it tells me it can’t because “Screen Overlay Detected” blah blah blah.

Here is an example:

I’ve taken a photo using ‘selective focus’ and am now trying to select the best shot, which this pops up:

Allow selective focus to access photos

So I click on ‘Allow’ and I get this:

Screen overlay detected

So I click ‘Open Settings’ and I get this:

screen overlay settingswhich is no use at all !


So what’s causing the issue?

Twilight ! That’s what causing the issue ! The F***ing Twilight App !

I should explain….after experiencing ‘Night Shift’ on my iOS devices (it’s that feature that turns your screen kind of red when the sun goes down) I decided I wanted it on all my devices. So I found, downloaded and installed the app, Twilight, on my Galaxy S7. It’s great as it turns down the blueness of the screen in time with sunset / sunrise  which apparently helps me sleep better   😮

Twilight for Android AppBut it’s the cause of the “Screen Overlay Detected” error I am experiencing.

So what’s the fix? Turn off twilight…. change your permissions…… then turn it back on again….. viola ! A working app and you still have twilight !

……sometimes I hate computers, I really do !



Here’s a vid demonstrating the issue and the fix