/Facebook to provide movie downloads! What is the world coming too?

Facebook to provide movie downloads! What is the world coming too?

Apparently Facebook has done a deal with Warner Bros to distribute movies.

It would appear that streaming TV / Movies is the new ‘tech bubble’ – Amazon have already released their streaming service to ‘prime’ customers and now Facebook wants ‘in’ on this latest fad.
Netflix had better keep an eye over it’s shoulder because the ‘big boys’ are coming to town!

However the real losers are going to be the satellite and cable companies as more people ‘pull the plug’ and go on-line for all their entertainment.

These new entrants to the online, on-demand streaming services can only be good for consumers, competition will give us more choice and better prices. What concerns me is that for many of us, our Internet Providers also happen to be content producers, so I suspect we’re heading into a ‘throw our toys out of the pram’ stage where cable companies, discontent with falling revenue, will try to restrict our downloads to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon in a last-ditch attempt to save their revenue streams, rather than embracing this new technology. I suspect it’s going to be very similar to the record industry’s approach to Napster and Bittorrent.

Canadian ISPs have already tried to restrict viewing options by removing download limits (thankfully such a fuss was made that the government stepped in and forced the CRTC to reverse it’s decision)

Perhaps it’s just me? Or is it pure coincidence that the biggest Canadian ISP, and the leader behind this metered download idea, is Bell who also happens to provide a satellite and cable TV service?


The next few years will be interesting, in the streaming TV / Movie business -but i can tell you this – I won’t be trusting Facebook with any personal information, no matter what services they start providing!