/Facebook Announcement – They want ALL your electronic email

Facebook Announcement – They want ALL your electronic email

Facebook have today announced their new facebook unified communication service.

The basic idea is that all your electronic communications i.e. Email, Instant Messages, Texts and Facebook messages are being integrated into a single product. This will allow you have more ‘conversation’ based stream of messages.

You won’t have to worry about using email to communicate with email contacts and Instant Message to communicate with IM contacts etc. The system will take of routing the message to your contacts based on your ‘friends’ list.

It will also prevent spam, by creating a ‘whitelist’ of acceptable contacts from your Facebook friends list. Meaning that ‘Mandy the Russian mail order bride’ won’t be able to continue sending you picture invitations! (or is that just me?)

Whilst I like the idea behind the concept – I don’t trust Facebook with my personal data as it is, so I’m certainly not going to allow them to ‘data mine’ every piece of communication I send or receive.
Of course this information is already available somewhere – i.e. my ISP could have access to this, but that’s the point, they COULD and I don’t automatically assume they they WILL. But with Facebook I think it’s more likely that they WILL interrogate every piece of information they can get their hands on. So I for one will NOT be signing up!