/Ello, Ello, Ello….what’s all this then?

Ello, Ello, Ello….what’s all this then?

Just What The Internet Needs !

I realized something this morning. As my Mocha gently cooled on the table and I took occasional bites out of a slice of toast and jam; I went through my normal ritual of checking my Twitter stream….then I opened Facebook and perused my friend’s latest updates….then I contributed to the few Google Plus communities that I’m a member of, I replied to a Snapchat, briefly glanced at SOCL and then open Yammer to see what my work colleagues had been up to, I thought to myself


“you know what I could do with? Another Social Network !”

Yes believe it or not, but this week another group of Techies has launched yet another Social Network. Now before you roll your eyes…..this one is different. No really, it is. Or rather it claims to be !

Ad Free and Won’t sell your information

What makes Ello different is that the good people who founded it promise not to sell your information, nor to bombard you with Ads for things that you don’t want or need. In the current climate of Tech companies trying to gather more and more information about you, this makes a refreshing change…and sounds like the kind of the Social Network I’d be interested in joining.

The Tech press are calling it the ‘Anti-Facebook, Facebook’


Interested? Well you can’t join yet !

If all this sounds intriguing, you probably can’t wait to sign up and try it out. Unfortunately it’s invite only for now, but you can register your interest on their site at ello.co

Recent reports claim over 100,000 people have already signed up!

If you do get invited…look me up and say ‘Ello’ !