/Computer System Virus – Phone Scam

Computer System Virus – Phone Scam

I just wanted to let you know of a new Phone Scam that I discovered today.

I received a telephone call from a company claiming to be a computer company. They claim that my computer is infected with a virus and that their staff who are ‘Microsoft Certified Professionals’ have identified it over the internet, but that they can fix it for me. How lucky!

Unfortunately, my inner Techy quickly took over the phone and started to question them, asking what type of computer system they showed that I had (I have multiple systems and I figured if they detected my computer systems, as they claim they did – then they would know this type of information) but this seems to have scared them off and they eventually hung up on me.

However this was initially a very convincing phone call and I’m sure a less ‘Technical savvy’ person might be duped into parting with cash.

Anyway just wanted to let everyone know.

If you are in any doubt about if your computer has a virus – perform a scan with your favorite Anti-Virus program (We recommend Microsoft Security essentials – which is free) and your favourite Anti-Malware program (We recommend Malware Bytes – which is also free).