/Computer Keeps rebooting after windows Update

Computer Keeps rebooting after windows Update

Had an interesting support issue today – a client called and said their computer kept rebooting.

It was Vista machine, about 3 months old.

I tied all sorts of things: safe mode, system restore, disabling all non-microsoft services, new profile.

But everytime it booted just after login screen it would black screen and reboot.

I won’t bother you with the details but it turns out it was a conflict with recent Windows Update and some of the Acer utilities. I uninstalled all the acer rubbish including acer emanagement, erecovery etc. and the machine booted fine.

I tested this on an identical Acer machine at the same location and it too had the same problem after performing windows update.

Result : remove all that manufacturer crap from your new machines before you put them into production. You never know when it’s going to screw something up!