/Clearing Recent Items from Dock

Clearing Recent Items from Dock

There may be times when you don’t want your whole computer history on display for the world to see.

Unfortunately OS X Lion and Mountain Lion seem determined to stop you covering your tracks.

Despite clearing the ‘recently used’ list in the application itself, the doc will sit there like a smug elephant who-never-forgets and remind you of every doc whenever you right-click on the icon.

Fortunately there are several ways around this, but the easiest is :

1) Open the offending App and from preferences choose ‘clear menu’

Here is an example in Preview:




2) Unfortunately this won’t clear the history shown in the dock icon, so now Quit the application

3) Remove the app from the dock
(right-click on app icon -> Options -> Remove from dock)

4) Open the application again

5) Add back to the dock
(right-click -> options -> Keep in Dock)

6) Viola – your app history is now gone!





Good Luck covering your tracks 🙂