/Citrix Not launching Applications

Citrix Not launching Applications

Had an issue today that had me scratching my head for most of the afternoon!

A client had dropped off an older laptop for a service (usual thing – it was running slowly as it was full of Spyware, Junk etc.). Anyway when the service was done, we dropped the system back to his office and he asked us to service his main laptop, so we setup the newly services one in it’s place and he started testing it out.

Everything was fine except for Citrix.
He uses Citrix Presentation server to launch specialist software for his office.

I tried re-installing the xenapp client for web but it made no difference, Citrix wouldn’t run.

So I tried contacting the hosting provider to see if they had any clues. Initialy they suggested it was IE8 problem and that we should uninstall it and go back to IE7. Which we did, but no difference. Then we tried uninstall / re-install of Citrix client etc. etc.

When that didn’t work we resorted to searching the internet for a solution but didn’t have much luck. Came across some pages that suggested MS hotfixes, registry hacks, re-registering citrix dlls, but nothing worked!

Out of desperation, I dug out an old copy of the ICA client that I had from an old install (Presentation Server Web Client Package version 10.200). I uninstalled new version and installed that one – that too failed to help, but then I performed an inplace upgrade with the latest version downloaded from the Citrix Website and viola! The darn things works like a dream now.

Unfortunately I have no idea what was fixed, but thought I’d post the solution in case anyone else is having a similar issue!