/Can’t open .eml attachments on ipad or ios (updated)

Can’t open .eml attachments on ipad or ios (updated)

If you haven’t read my previous posts, I’ll quickly summarize.
I returned the iPad Pro 9.7, and picked up the 12.9 inch iPad Pro instead – my reasoning was that if I’m going to use the pro features (split screen for multitasking, Keyboard and pencil) then I need to go all-in and get the ‘real’ pro tablet and not the baby one; that’s just pretending to be professional.
I have now spent some time with the machine, including a few days in work where I used it as my main device. Here’s how I got on:

What the hell are EMLs ?

outlook for iosThings didn’t start well today with the iPad Pro; one of the first things I had to do was review an old email thread from a client but wouldn’t you know it, the old thread wasn’t simply listed in my email client (Outlook for IOS) but rather it was  attached as an .eml file.

What’s an .eml file you ask? Well according to fileinfo.com it’s an email format developed by Microsoft.

“No problem” i thought..I’m using Microsoft’s Outlook App for IOS so that shouldn’t be an issue………….except it is !

Apparently the ability to open Microsoft’s own email format has not yet made it’s way to the Outlook App on IOS so I had to revert to my surface Pro to open the thread and read the emails.

Less than an hour into my day and I’ve had to go back to my laptop to get something done!

*Would you believe it but today on 12th April – My outlook client updated and guess what……..it now supports .eml files !!!!! What are the chances?