/Bring Xbox Music to Sonos

Bring Xbox Music to Sonos

We recently upgraded our home sound system to a Sonos solution.

Without getting into the details of the Sonos system and it’s various components, suffice to say we are very pleased with our new purchase.

One of the issues through, is that the Sonos solution is proprietary, meaning you have to use the Sonos application (Available for Android, Windows and IOS) to play music on the system. You can’t simply connect an input cable and play anything from your music device.

Sonos builds-in many streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Songza etc into it’s player; so if you are subscriber to one of the said services, you can play the music from your music services through your Sonos system.

You can probably tell where I’m going here: Xbox Music is NOT one of the services that Sonos currently supports. Neither does Sonos support Windows Phone (not with an official app anyway). So your Xbox Music Subscription is all but useless if you have a Sonos.

A third-party app is available on Windows Phone, but

A) you have to pay for it, whereas Sonos official app is Free

B) It’s not as full-featured as the official app.


C) it doesn’t allow streaming from the phone, so it doesn’t help the Xbox Music service.


Unfortunately this means that, as a family, we can’t use the Xbox music subscription service and instead have had to subscribe to an alternative service that is supported by Android, IOS, Windows Phone and most importantly Sonos. Shame because I really liked Xbox Music !



I’ve expressed my desire to have both Xbox Music Integration and a Windows Phone app on Microsoft’s Uservoice forum – I suggest you do the same and let’s try to convince Microsoft and Sonos to work together.